Emission levels, Renewable Investment and Hot Water

Emission levels, Renewable Investment and Hot Water

News from CEO – Mike Hopkins     

It seems we’ve recently passed a significant and sorry milestone in climate change with a report published this week by the Met Office (UK), using data from the Mauna Loa Observatory (Hawaii), indicating the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is now over 50% more than in the pre-industrial era. The baseline is taken as the average for the years 1750-1800 and while CO2 concentration has peaked above a 50% increase for a few days at a time, it is now consistently above that level. It took nearly 200 years for the concentration to show a 25% increase, the second 25% took just 35.
Countering that to some degree is news that over the last decade there has been three times as much investment into renewables as fossil fuels. That’s according to a report by the IEA and Imperial Business School (London). The report focused on the investment case for renewable energy and the performance of publicly traded renewable and fossil fuel companies. As well as lower overall returns, fossil fuel portfolios have experienced much greater volatility, including lower resilience to the pandemic.
We have a Carbon/GHG Audit Verification course running in April which is the perfect preparation for our GHG Auditor certification. We’ve decided to take that online so it is now more accessible and allows us to bring the cost down a little. We anticipate huge demand for verifications in the future, among businesses of all sizes and the public sector, so getting certified would be an excellent boost to earnings potential. You can register for the course here.
If you know anyone still running a gas boiler for domestic hot water – or even a water based heating system – in their home, maybe put them onto the latest innovation that is virtually a plug and play replacement. The new microwave boiler is electric, of course, and can be installed as a direct replacement for existing gas boilers. It will likely have wide appeal in countries like the UK where water based central heating is common or wherever direct replacement is preferred to redesigning systems. The larger capacity unit available holds 280 litres. No news yet on commercial scale variants. (heatwayv.com)

There’s a common school of thought that electricity is useful for light vehicles but not heavy trucks. That may be up for a rethink with news this week that Fortescue mining (Australia) is teaming up with Williams Advanced Engineering (the UK F1 team) to develop a 240 tonne mine hauling truck. No indication of the pace or range yet.
We’ve been contacted by consultancy MartinJenkins for help in collecting data for research into off-road fuel use. The research has been commissioned by EECA and they are looking for input from members engaged with the construction, mining, manufacturing and commercial services sectors. There is a Prezzy Card prize draw ($50 x 10) associated with participation. If you think you can provide useful information about off-road fuel use, you can find the survey here.
Finally this week, a reminder you can still snaffle a place on the CBES-HVAC course running in Wellington next week. Please contact us straightaway on that so that we can get your materials printed up in time. Also, there are still some great flight deals to Christchurch available for May, so lock in your flights and conference registration now. The close of early bird isn’t that far away.
Have a great and safe weekend.
Mike and the team

CEP Conference – Introducing Speaker Becky Lloyd


Becky is Chief Executive of Toitū Envirocare. She has a broad, blue-chip corporate background, a degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA from Columbia Business School (New York) and extensive experience across a range of business disciplines.
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Tender Opportunities
CON2021007 Frimely Park and Eastbourne Water Treatment Plants Standby Electrical Generator Supply

Ref 24038209
Request for Quotation – Frimley Park and Eastbourne Water Treatment Plants: Standby Electrical Generator Supply
This RFQ is for suitable suppliers to provide two standby electrical generators together with separate external fuel tanks with a capacity of at least 3400 litres for our new water treatment plants being constructed in Hastings.
Tender documents are available from the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) www.gets.govt.nz.  Any enquiries about this contract must be made via www.gets.govt.nz.  Tenders close at 3pm Wednesday 24th March 2021 and must be submitted electronically via GETS.
Please allow sufficient time to upload your submission to GETS. For more information and help about submitting electronic responses please refer to the policies and information section on the GETS website https://www.gets.govt.nz/ExternalIndex.htm
Close Date: Wednesday, 24 March 2021 3:00 PM

Panel of Suppliers for Air Filtration Solutions

Ref 24057554
This procurement relates to delivery and installation of air filtration systems that may be needed at various locations managed by NZ Health Partnerships or the Ministry of Health or other crown entities.
Close Date: Wednesday, 24 March 2021 5:00 PM

Kaikoura District Council: Request for Tender(s) for Standby Generators & Load Bank

Ref 24076808
Kaikoura District Council request for tender for standby generators and load bank.
Tenders are invited by Kaikoura District Council (KDC) for the supply of one skid mounted three phase 400V 200kVA standby diesel generator, two trailer mounted standby three phase 400V 100 kVA diesel generators and one trailer mounted test and exercise load bank of at least 50 KW capacity.
KDC will consider used equipment less than 5 years old and with less than 1000 hours use, subject to provision of satisfactory maintenance histories and satisfactory warranties of at least two years from purchase date.
Please contact:  Bruce Apperley, 3 Waters Engineer on mobile – 027 462 5757 or at email – [email protected] for any queries.
Tenders must be received no later than 8 AM Monday 29 March 2021 to be considered. Tenders may be provided by email.
Close Date: Monday, 29 March 2021 5:00 PM

Warmer Kiwi Homes Heating Programme – Approved Heat Pump Appliances

Ref 24101579
Warmer Kiwi Homes is a government-funded programme run by EECA, which is designed to support New Zealand families to live in warmer, drier homes.
This is the final year of the three year heating programme, under which similar RFQs to this were run in 2019 and 2020. The aim of this procurement is to provide opportunities for additional Heat Pump Suppliers to be approved, to confirm the eligibility of existing Suppliers under this programme, and to allow those Suppliers to adjust their pricing. Existing (contracted) approved Suppliers need to respond to this RFQ in order to continue to supply heat pumps under this programme.
This procurement will determine a list of Approved Heating Appliances (and their prices) which cover a range of heat pump sizes. These must meet minimum technical specifications and minimum warranty requirements, and the appliance must be suitably priced for the low-income market the programme is targeting.

  1. There is a mandatory Supplier Briefing session by video conference for this RFQ on Tuesday 23 March and registrations are required by 5pm on Friday 19 March 2020.
  2. Existing approved suppliers need to attend the Supplier Briefing and respond to this RFQ in order to continue to supply heat pumps under this programme.
  3. There are two Response Forms required for this RFQ.

Close Date: Wednesday, 31 March 2021 12:00 PM

FNDC Lighting Maintenance and Renewals
Ref 24015123
This contract is for the management and maintenance of the road corridor and amenity lighting network assets within the Far North districts.  The contract includes but is not limited to the following activities:
Proactive activities

  • Maintenance, replacement and or retrofitting (luminaires, lighting columns, supports/fixings, control gear & wiring) for all street lighting and specified amenity areas
  • Streetlight LED Infills
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Traffic management necessary to safely carry out work without unnecessarily delaying traffic movements.
  • Minor and/or unscheduled related lighting works not otherwise covered above.

Reactive activities

  • Attendance and rectification of lighting outages within prescribed response time for specific areas.
  • Working with NTA and emergency services as required in emergency response events.

Management activities

  • Reporting
  • Accurate and complete provision of RAMM and related asset information.
  • Hold adequate stock levels of parts and equipment in storage for reactive maintenance.
  • Managing and undertaking maintenance activities within budget allocations directed by the Engineer.
  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders; Far North District Council (FNDC), Police, Energy supplier(s), to obtain best for community solutions to specific matters.

Close Date: Thursday, 1 April 2021  3:30 PM

HVAC System PFR Lincoln
Ref 24084218
This procurement relates to the HVAC services for Building 160 – Growth Rooms and Laboratories at Plant and Food Research, Gerald Street, Lincoln. The building comprises four growth rooms and two laboratories.
Close Date : Thursday, 1 April 2021 4:30 PM

University of Waikato Electricity Supply
Ref 24074791
The primary purpose of this contract is to supply electricity to the 2 TOU meters at the University of Waikato Hillcrest Campus and a further 32 non-TOU sites over various locations.
The University is also interested in value-added services that will allow for better energy management and carbon reduction. Examples include, but are not limited to:- 

  • Energy management and carbon calculating software
  • Sub and/or smart metering- Carbon reduction initiatives
  • Onsite energy generation (e.g. PV arrays)
  • EV charger installations (AC and/or DC)

Close Date: Friday, 9 April 2021 4:00 PM 

Wanaka Centre HVAC Remedial Works RFP

Ref 24084510
This RFP encompasses the procurement of the HVAC system solution and the installation, through to commissioning and hand over of a fully compliant, operational HVAC system at the Lake Wanaka Centre (87 Ardmore Street, Wanaka) is a local council owned building which was constructed in the year 2000.
The auditorium outdoor condenser which has until recently provided cooling to a cooling coil mounted within the air handling units has failed and requires replacement of an alternate cooling solution.
Close Date: Wednesday, 21 April 2021 12:00 PM

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