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Certified Carbon Auditor Programme


CEP provides training and certification in greenhouse gas auditing and verification. The training develops knowledge and skills in auditing to ISO14064:3, also consistent with The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

The certification assures competence in verification. ISO14064:3 specifies principles and requirements and provides guidance for those conducting or managing the validation and/or verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission assertions or claims.

It specifies requirements for establishing the level of assurance, objectives, criteria and scope, determining the validation/verification approach, assessing GHG data, information, information systems and controls, evaluating GHG assertions and preparing validation/verification statements.

The Carbon Auditor programme is not aimed at developing carbon inventories, rather at verifying claims and assertions against ISO14064:3 and/or the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Becoming a Certified Carbon Auditor (CCA)

Certification as a Carbon Auditor requires successful completion of the online assessment the experience assessment and confirmation of acceptance of CEP’s requirements on ethic and, professional conduct, disciplinary procedures and CPD requirements.

The Carbon Auditor programme is part of a suite of education and certification programmes provided by CEP that separately cover preparing a carbon inventory, identifying opportunities for reducing emissions, auditing emissions assertions and carbon management planning.

Requirements for certification:

1. Submit a completed application form with required supporting documentation

2. Understanding and acceptance of CEP’s Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct

3. Understanding and acceptance of CEP’s Disciplinary procedures

4. Understanding and acceptance of ongoing CPD requirements as specified in CEP’s CPD Manual.

5. Successful completion of the CEP online examination (75% pass mark); and

6. The completion of the Experience Assessment which comprises two parts:

a. Document assessment based on two carbon audit reports written to ISO14064:3 requirements. The submitted reports will support the demonstration of competence. The applicant is advised to submit different reports rather than two the same e.g. one factory and one office rather than two offices. The greater depth and breadth the applicant can demonstrate through their reports, the better.

b. Panel interview based around the two audit reports and a case study (provided by CEP). This will explore the applicant’s ability to apply the knowledge and principles required to prepare reports to ISO14064:3. The interview panel will comprise three assessors.

Application forms and documentation

Certification fees (per attempt)

  • Certified Carbon Auditor Experience Assessment application: $2,300 (+GST)
  • Certified Carbon Auditor Examination (online): $200 (+GST)

Certification scheme fees

Continuing registration carries an annual fee to be part of CEP’s Certification Scheme. This becomes payable when you first join the Scheme and annually thereafter. This fee contributes to the costs of administering the Scheme including the provision of verifiable digital badges. The certification holder fee applies per person, not per certification. CEP fees will be revised annually and published on the CEP website.

  • Annual Certification scheme fee: $100 (+GST)

Relevant training courses

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Please note training fees apply and are not included in the certification fees.