CEP Energy Master Commercial Building Specialist

CEP four-step accredition process for building energy audits

There are two possible forms of Accreditation as an Energy Master Commercial Building Specialist.

  • Specialist in one specified discipline; either Lighting or HVAC & Controls (e.g. Energy Master Commercial Building Specialist – Lighting)
  • Specialist in both relevant disciplines ie. Energy Master Commercial Building Specialist

To achieve accreditation as either or both of these two classes of specialist, this four-step process is required to be followed.


Step 1

Full attendance, no more than 24 months before making application, at a CEP Commercial Building Specialist training course for the discipline/s for which application for accreditation is made.

However, individuals who consider that they have an existing ‘specialised’ level of skill and experience may apply to CEP for dispensation from attending training courses and to start the process at Step 2. This dispensation will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Step 2

Achieving a pass mark in the appropriate online Commercial Building Specialist examination/s. These exams for individual disciplines will be based on the content of the CEP training course.

Step 3

Submit report for assessment, preferably for an actual work project and not just for accreditation. The report should be an energy management plan, case study, project report, capex proposal, Board approval paper or other document which shows a specialist level of understanding and application of energy management principles in each of the selected discipline/s.

The report must be accompanied by the Competence Self Assessment Form, and a work history summary included in the Application Form. Two referees’ declarations confirming the applicant’s level of skills is as stated and that the competency assessment is a true reflection of the work that they are performing are to be submitted directly to CEP. One referee ideally should be the applicant’s employer or senior manager.

The subject and content of the proposed assignment is to be agreed with CEP prior to the undertaking of this project. The Guidance Document outlines the expected content of the report and controls to ensure that the output truly reflects an individual’s skills and experience.

Individuals who wish to make a single application for accreditation as a specialist across all Commercial Building Specialist disciplines may apply to CEP for dispensation to cover all those disciplines in a single longer report.

Step 4

Review of submitted documentation by a CEP appointed assessor and acceptance for accreditation.

Application forms and documentation