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CEP protocol developed by global training body Efficiency Valuation Organization

The Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) is the exclusive global training body for the Certified Measurement & Verification Professional® (CMVP). EVO developed and owns the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol® (IPMVP) and training material used with the CMVP examination.

In conjunction with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), the CMVP programme was established with the dual purpose of recognising the most qualified professionals in this growing and critical area of the energy industry, and to raise the overall professional standards within the measurement and verification (M&V) field.

The right to use the CMVP title is granted to those who demonstrate proficiency in the M&V field by passing a four-hour written exam and meeting the required academic and professional qualifications. EVO’s certification level training must be taken to prepare for the exam and as a review of basic principles for experts.

Carbon and Energy Professionals New Zealand (CEP) are proud to be the only approved training providers in New Zealand.

Examination and training requirement

The four-hour CMVP exam is administered in conjunction with EVO’s two and a half day “Fundamentals” training programme. The examination questions are based on concepts and experiences basic to measurement and verification. The exam is open book, and the questions are a mixture of multiple choices and true or false. A minimum pass rate of 70% on the examination is required. All CMVP exam results are final. Individual reviews of exams are not permitted after scores are announced. AEE and EVO are not at liberty to discuss exam questions or correct answers. Examinations are identified by number rather than by name to assure confidentiality and objective grading.

The written M&V examination covers such subjects as:

  • Reasons for M&V
  • Current M&V Projects
  • Developing an M&V plan
  • Current issues in M&V
  • Key elements of success: Theory and examples of IPMVP options
  • Selecting options: Which one is best suited for my project?
  • Adherence with IPMVP

How to apply for CMVP Certification

Step 1: Register for the Fundamentals for Measurement & Verification Training Course.

Step 2: Complete your CMVP Certification Application Form, which will be sent to you after registration.

Notification of exam results

Your training provider (CEP) will be notified of your score within 60 days of the exam via AEE.

Review by Certification Board

If you receive a passing score and have paid the examination fee, and your file is complete, including all supporting documents, your file will be sent to the Certification Board for final review.

Use of CMVP designation

A Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) may use the designation following their name on organization letterhead, business cards, biographical and work related material. The CMVP certification is for individuals only. The CMVP designation may not be used to imply that an organization, firm or project is certified.

Maintaining and renewing your Certification

The CMVP requires you to maintain your skills through education and professional credits. For specific information on this topic, contact your training provider or visit the general certification renewal webpage on the AEE website.

The CMVP must be renewed every three years in order to continue to use the CMVP designation. A fee of US $300 is required to renew the certification. If a certification is not renewed by the specified renewal date, there are additional requirement to be reinstated. For further information check AEE’s website.

It is important to inform EVO and AEE if your email address changes. Failure to do so could delay the receipt of your renewal notice, and may result in your being required to retake the exam.

To check your CMVP status:

  1. Visit the AEE Certified Professionals Directory
  2. Set the Country filter to New Zealand
  3. Click Search.

If you have questions or wish to update your CMVP contact details please contact the CEP office on [email protected] or call 04 385 2839.