CEP Energy Master Auditor

CEP auditing accreditation follows Engineering New Zealand processes

CEP is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of expertise in energy auditing services are available to New Zealand businesses, and provides information and advice to members and the general public on energy auditing and related services.

The process developed for Energy Master Auditor Accreditation uses similar processes to those established by Engineering New Zealand (formerly known as IPENZ) for assessing applications for membership of an Engineering NZ Technical Group or for registration on a National Register. A membership of Engineering NZ or CEP is not a requirement to make an application.

Before submitting your application, check that you have the academic and the practical experience. If you have any doubts about the standard of audit required for assessment, find an accredited auditor and ask them to carry out a pre-assessment of your audit. While this is not a compulsory, it may end up saving you money.

Academic requirements

Two years or higher tertiary qualification in an appropriate field like Building Services, or Chemical, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Management or any other field involving analysing energy usage. Typical qualifications are NZCE, National Diploma of Industrial Engineering (level 6).

Practical requirements

Applicants are also required to demonstrate achievement of sufficient practical experience in a suitable field to enable them to apply the academic knowledge they have gained.

CEP has found that applicants with sufficient experience to gain membership of Engineering NZ or other technical body at associate, technical or professional level or be registered on a register of current competence (CertETn, ETPract, CEng etc.) would most likely satisfy the required practical requirement.

Applicants should note that it is usual for university and similar graduates to have acquired a minimum of five years’ experience in a suitable field after they have qualified to gain sufficient experience to be able to satisfy this requirement.

Application forms and documentation