CEP Energy Master

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Flagship CEP accreditation recognises highest levels of energy management competence

Energy Master is the flagship CEP accreditation programme, providing recognition for the highest levels of competence in a technical area (e.g. commercial buildings) or discipline (e.g. energy auditing). Accreditation complements an individual’s educational qualification and work experience. It shows that the individual has gained a level of expertise from their work recognised by their peers, and is committed to maintaining and improving that level of expertise over time.

Energy Master gives energy consumers the confidence they need to engage an Accredited individual to perform work to professional standards.

CEP works with the Government, leading Energy Industry players and other organisations to ensure that this competency assurance programme meets the needs of customers and receives due recognition for promoting technical excellence in energy management and energy efficiency.

CEP Energy Master Accreditation Programmes

CEP Accreditation Programmes cover the following areas and disciplines:

As the need for recognition develops in different energy service areas CEP will either develop a specific Accreditation, or work with a partner that has existing arrangements in place to meet these needs.