The Energy Master Compressed Air Specialist Accreditation recognises individuals who have demonstrated best practice design and operation of compressed air systems with respect to energy performance.

Membership of CEP or Engineering New Zealand (Formerly known as IPENZ) is not mandatory for Accreditation.


The minimum requirements for Energy Master Compressed Air Specialist Accreditation include demonstrating to the Assessors that you have general competence in comprehending technical concepts and applying systematic scientific methods to problem solving related to compressed air systems design and operation.

Membership of an Engineering NZ Technical Group or registration on a relevant current competence register is helpful in demonstrating general competence. Current work experience in the industrial sector with an emphasis on compressed air systems is most important.

The CAS Assessors will want evidence of your:

  • Successful completion of a Compressed Air Systems (CAS) Education Course approved under the Scheme. This is a mandatory requirement
  • Relevant work experience
  • Compressed air systems auditing experience.
  • Evidence that you have successfully passed the Education Course
  • A Type 3 CAS Audit Report. Your report should include detailed explanations and calculations to provide evidence of your decision making.

If you are unable to submit a Type 3 CAS Audit report, you may submit a Type 2 Energy Audit as defined in AS/NZS 3598.2:2014 for assessment to obtain provisional accreditation until you have carried out a Type 3 CAS Audit. All forms and related evidence should be submitted to CEP for processing.

This accreditation is based on the Compressed Air Systems Audit Standard pdf

Application Forms and Documentation

Energy Master General Guidance for Applicants (PDF) – This general guidance document includes all the details you need to know in the process of becoming an Accredited Energy Master professional.  It shows the general procedures, suggests useful tips and outlines fees and timeframes.

Compressed Air Specialist Applicant’s Guide to Accreditation (PDF) – This Guide includes all the details you need to know about the process to become an Accredited Energy Master Compressed Air Specialist.

Compressed Air Specialist Application Form (Word)

Competency Self Assessment Form (Word)

Referee Form (Word)

Compressed Air Specialist Reaccreditation Form (Word)

Accreditation’s are valid for 5 years before Reaccreditation is required.