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Certified Process Heat Emissions Plan Reviewer (consent application SQP) Programme


The CEP Process Heat Emissions Plan Reviewer Certification confirms competence to prepare or review Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction plans for Industrial Process Heat systems.

Certificate holders are recognised as suitably qualified professionals (SQPs) for the preparation or review of emission reduction plans required to support consent or reconsent applications to local authorities where the application covers process heat emissions of 500t CO2e per annum or more.

Becoming a Certified Process Heat Emissions Plan Reviewer (PHEPR)

Requirements for certification:

1. Before completing the application, check that you are ready to apply by completing the Certified Process Heat Emissions Plan Reviewer self-assessment form

2. Having completed the Self-Assessment form and satisfied yourself you are ready, submit a completed application form with required supporting documentation

2. Understanding and acceptance of CEP’s Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct

3. Understanding and acceptance of CEP’s Disciplinary procedures

4. Join CEP’s certification programme and have an understanding and acceptance of ongoing CPD requirements as specified in CEP’s CPD Manual

5. Successful completion of the CEP online examination (75% pass mark); and

6. The completion of the Experience Assessment (75% pass mark); which comprises two parts:

a. Document assessment based on two emissions reduction plans and/or equivalent supplementary supporting evidence demonstrating two instances of competence against each of the 23 criteria (within 3 categories) as requested in the application form. Applicants are advised to ensure their evidence pack enables them to show themselves in the best light whilst keeping the number of different documents submitted to the minimum necessary. Applicants are also advised to ensure multiple submissions are properly cross-referenced so the Assessor can quickly find the evidence you wish them to review from the details you have written in the application form.

b. An Interview based around the submitted documents will test and explore the applicant’s ability to apply the knowledge and principles required to prepare and review an emissions reduction plan. The interview will comprise the applicant and the assessor. Interviews will be recorded for reference and audit purposes. The interviewer, upon occasion, may have an observer present for educational, monitoring and assurance purposes. The observer’s role unless otherwise stated is to observe and take notes and will not perform the role of interviewer.

Application forms and documentation

Certification fees (per attempt)

  • Certified PHEPR Experience Assessment application: $1,100 (+GST)
  • Certified PHEPR Exam (online): $200 (+GST)

Certification scheme fee

Continuing registration carries an annual fee to be part of CEP’s Certification Scheme. This becomes payable when you first join the Scheme and annually thereafter. This fee contributes to the costs of administering the Scheme including the provision of verifiable digital badges. The certification holder fee applies per person, not per certification. CEP fees will be revised annually and published on the CEP website.

  • Annual Certification scheme fee: $100 (+GST)

Relevant training courses

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Please note training fees apply and are not included in the certification fees.