CEP Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct

CEP’s Code of ethics and Professional conduct policy


This policy sets out the minimum expectations for ethical behaviour and professional conduct expected of CEP Members, Corporate Partners, staff and all holders of CEP credentials.


Membership of CEP is open. All Members of CEP, Corporate Partners, staff, contractors and volunteers are required to maintain high ethical standards. Breaches of these ethical standards can lead to sanctions, which can include expulsion, exclusion, withdrawal of certification or dismissal.

Holders of CEP credentials are expected to maintain these ethical standards but are also required to maintain high standards of professionalism in their use and application of CEP credentials.

Code of Ethics

  • Act honestly at all times
  • Act with integrity at all times
  • Conduct themselves in a way that brings credit to themselves and CEP
  • Never knowingly or recklessly disseminate any false or misleading information on their own behalf or someone else’s
  • Avoid conflicts of interest wherever possible and, where a conflict may be unavoidable, mitigate the magnitude of the conflict and disclose all relevant information to involved parties
  • Respect the confidentiality of information except where people are entitled to see it or where it is illegal to do so
  • Not claim endorsement from CEP or falsely claim to hold CEP credentials that have not been earned or maintained
  • Take all reasonable, responsible steps to safeguard health and safety, the environment and Human Rights
  • Recognise Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Inform CEP of known breaches of its Code of Ethics or Code of Professional Conduct.

Code of Professional Conduct 

  • Comply with CEP’s Code of Ethics plus
  • Avoid any unfair or unprofessional practice that could potentially injure the business, reputation or interest of another business or person
  • Act competently and diligently in performing duties
  • Maintain objectivity in analysis and recommendations
  • Avoid misrepresenting areas of specialist skill, knowledge or expertise
  • Keep abreast of market, technological and best practice improvements in relevant areas of business activity
  • Act fairly, professionally and honestly when promoting and seeking business
  • Ensure that claims for performance of products, provision of services and expertise are accurate, substantive and independently verifiable
  • In carrying out business activities, ensure that commercial practice, standards and public statements reflect and maintain the highest standards of integrity and consideration for clients, employees and public welfare.

Approved by the Carbon and Energy Professionals New Zealand Board on 14 June 2023.

Effective from 1 July 2023 until replaced.


If you have any questions about the Code of Ethics or Professional Conduct Policy please contact CEP via email or by visit our Contact page.