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Conference workshop: Tech-Powered Efficiency

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Workshop: Tech-Powered Efficiency – Best Practices in IoT, Software, and Data for Energy and Emissions

Targeting operational managers and sustainability leaders, this workshop will address common challenges preventing commercial technology deployments from achieving desired efficiency gains, such as poor system design, lack of strategy, poor user engagement, data analysis gaps, system complexity, and incentive misalignment.

Attendees will learn strategies for deploying metering, internet of things (IoT) infrastructure, productivity software, and data tools to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability, including continuous improvement cycles, data granularity, system and software alignment with sustainability goals, partner collaboration, and overcoming deployment obstacles. Practical takeaways include staged deployment strategies, scalability, verification, validation, and user engagement best practices.

The workshop, being held on day two of conference, will be lead by:

Alvaro Jimenez

As Managing Director of IQnexus, Alvaro brings 20 years of expertise in Industrial Automation and IoT. Specializing in energy conservation, Alvaro helps organizations to leverage IoT for sustainability. With a focus on operational efficiency, Alvaro enables easy integration of IoT sensors into existing systems, driving smarter, greener buildings. Excited to share insights at the CEP workshop, Alvaro will explore practical applications of IoT for energy management and carbon reduction.

Dan Tomlinson

Dan is Head of Markets and Partnerships at ESP, and brings a rich background in energy, sustainability, and IT, with an MBA from Cambridge and a bachelor’s from Harvard in Environmental Science and Public Policy. After an early international career in solar technology commercialization and deployment, Dan moved to New Zealand where he has spent the last five years spearheading the growth of BraveGen’s carbon accounting software in New Zealand and now on a global scale, aiding clients and partners in integrating sustainability into business performance.

Deni Archer

Deni Archer leads ESP’s Carbon Team, boasts a distinguished career in environmental management, sustainability reporting, and IT across global capitals like London, Dublin, and Cape Town. She’s guided numerous NZ organizations on GHG emission data and sustainability reporting, leveraging her international experience with South Africa’s listed companies on non-financial disclosures. Deni holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science, with certifications in Project Management and Carbon Advisory.

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Published 13 May 2024

CEP Conference 2024_Workshop_Tech

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