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Conference presentation: Greening your IT

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Greening Your IT: Sustainable Computing for a Better Future 

Jean-Philippe Ehret, founder of BetterBytes, is a passionate advocate for sustainable IT practices.

With a background as Business Owner in Europe, an IT Solution Architect and GreenIT researcher, Jean-Philippe has dedicated his career to driving sustainability in the IT sector.

He has contributed to various studies on the environmental impact of IT and is committed to raising awareness about the importance of GreenIT in New Zealand.

Under Jean-Philippe’s leadership, BetterBytes has become a trusted partner for organisations looking to reduce their environmental footprint and optimize their IT operations.

Leveraging his expertise and strong relationships in the GreenIT space, Jean-Philippe is paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in New Zealand’s IT industry.

Jean-Philippe will be looking at how we can improve the sustainability of our IT sector covering energy efficiency, ewaste, emissions and resource conservation.

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Published 4 April 2024

CEP Conference 2024_Speaker Jean-Philippe Ehret

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