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Conference presentation: A circular approach to recycling in Aotearoa’s energy sector

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A circular approach to recycling in Aotearoa’s energy sector

Hilary West-Reeve is Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer of Phoenix Recycling Group. A commercial architect for 30-years, Hilary’s career has evolved to focus on the circular economy of recycled materials as renewable resources for sustainable manufacturing and decarbonisation.

Hilary is a NZGBC Board member, an Industry Advisory Group (IAG) committee member for HERA’s research project ‘Circular Design for a changing environment: a design framework to reduce construction waste, lifecycle embodied carbon, and to enhance the circular economy for construction materials, and an Industry Advisory Panel member for University of Auckland’s Circular Innovations (CIRCUIT) Research Centre.

Join us on day two of confernece for Hilary’s presentation about decarbonising Aotearoa starts with our energy infrastructure; as we upgrade our energy assets we must ensure we recover the de-commissioned asset materials.

As demand for metals and minerals such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite, copper, aluminium, steel and rare earth elements soar; what can we do from New Zealand?

Circularity and decarbonisation are closely interconnected when we define what are the renewable raw materials for sustainable manufacturing of the future.

By delivering recycled materials as an alternative source, we replace mined finite natural resources.

Tracking the carbon emission profile to deliver these recycled materials; material by material, project by project interrogates the methodology and the supply chain for positive climate outcomes

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Published 25 May 2024

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