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CEP Newsletter

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1.5 Still Alive, Tunable Windows and Batteryless e-bikes

  • 1.5 is still alive
  • Offshore wind in the doldrums
  • Efficiency becomes law
  • Circular economy could slash decarbonisation costs for heavy industry
  • Smart, tunable windows
  • Harvesting electricity at water outlets
  • Save 90% emissions on your next phone
  • Batteryless e-bike
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TNFD with Us, Chameleon Buildings and Free Hydrogen

  • TNFD guidelines published
  • Offset markets hitting new heights
  • 100 becomes 9 to 15
  • UK leads the way
  • We need to travel 12 times faster
  • Accessing finance in the Pacific Islands
  • Chameleon buildings for cooling and warming
  • Plastic waste to “free” hydrogen win-win-win
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NZ in the Dock, SDGs Achievable and Lithium Price Trends

  • NZ in the dock
  • G20 strong on rhetoric
  • SDGs possible – but not before 2050
  • Battery prices expected to continue downward trend
  • Large lithium find eases long-term price concerns
  • Another SAF breakthrough
  • Are we outside the safe operating space for humanity?
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Journeys, White Hydrogen and Porcine Nightmares

  • CEP Board and staff visit the He Tohu exhibition at the National Library
  • Avid brewer keen to engage with others in the sector
  • White Hydrogen
  • Autonomous vehicles could become a significant source of emissions
  • Greenwashing being identified as an emerging risk
  • Carbon-negative buildings
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Commercial Retrofits, Traffic Truths and Blended Solar

  • Australian mining application rejected
  • Scorn over the climate pledges
  • Less than 1% of companies have credible 2050 climate transition plans
  • Multinationals risking net zero targets
  • Demand for skilled renewable energy workers
  • Measures to improve energy performance of buildings by 2050
  • EU advancing retrofitting of commercial buildings
  • Interactive traffic monitoring site
  • PV panels with heritage finishes
  • Infrared wallpaper
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Electricity, Auto Excess and Elephants

  • 2023 Insights on New Zealand Sustainability Professionals survey
  • Survey for sustainability professionals
  • Low Emission Transport Fund - Round 8: Demonstration of Marine
  • Asian countries will make up 50% of global electricity demand by 2025
  • 2022 bumper year for clean energy investment in Europe
  • EVs are not only good at reducing emissions
  • Auto industry is still running far behind on reducing emissions
  • Elephants can also help combat climate change
  • CEP Conference 2023 - Speaker feature
  • Job Listings
  • Other Industry Events
  • Tender Opportunities
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New Staff, Money Talks and Cheap, Grid-scale Storage

  • CEP welcomes new staff member
  • CEP Conference and Sponsor update
  • Survey on carbon offsetting
  • Assurance over climate-related disclosures
  • UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance
  • Green and other labelled bonds held market share amidst fall
  • Exciting new innovations emerging in 2023
  • New heat engine claiming to double efficiency and halve costs
  • Climate protesters halt work on new, all-electric, zero carbon operation prison
  • CEP welcomes new student member
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Happy New Year, New Staff and First Conference Keynote Announced

  • CEP new staff member and first Keynote Speaker announcement
  • Change in CEP News delivery coming soon
  • 'The Homes We Deserve' campaign
  • Winner of CEP $100 Prezzy Card prize draw announced and Member Survey feedback
  • Consumer interest 2023 - sustainability arguments and concerns expressed by Transpower
  • 90% of offsets provided by the world's largest supplier are worthless claims The Guardian newspaper
  • Wyoming is to ban EVs from 2035
  • Jobs, Tenders and Industry Events notices
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NZ’s Largest Emitters, Bettering NDCs and Amazon on the Brink

  • Admin support for CEP office
  • 5th GIDI round and briefing webinar
  • New emissions inventory from Climate TRACE
  • 92% of 107 developing nations now have time-bound renewables targets
  • China, the EU and India will see faster progress towards a clean energy economy than set in their targets and NDCs
  • 34% of the Amazon rainforest has passed at least one tipping point
  • COP attendance by the fossil fuel industry is up 25% over last year
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Climate Tech, Boosting Corporate Value and the Ozone Hole

  • G20 still supporting fossil fuels despite COP26 commitments
  • Poor country economies hardest hit by climate change
  • PwC update on climate tech venture capital investments
  • Climate initiatives help companies improve financial performance
  • Is the hole in the Ozone layer shrinking due to the Montreal Protocol?
  • CEP Networking events coming up: Register now
  • Are you on the hunt for fresh talent?
  • Industry events coming up
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Networking, Hydrogen and Fortuitous Powercuts

  • CEP Networking events coming up: Register now
  • Website job vacancy page coming soon
  • Green hydrogen set for major role in emissions reductions
  • Visions of hydrogen economies
  • Darkness inhibits electrolyser efficiency
  • Update on carbon capture technology and the CCUS industry
  • Can wind turbines help to capture carbon dioxide?
  • 36% drop in European wind turbine orders
  • Industry events coming up
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