Dr Mike Hopkins

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has a PhD in Finance and MBA and has worked in consulting, educational and marketing roles in Auckland, Bristol, London and Sydney. He is committed to helping members raise their abilities and to helping New Zealand businesses access expertise and knowledge in their pursuit of efficiency and lowering emissions. Outside the office, Mike is a reluctant DIYer, hedge trimmer and lawn mower with a soft spot for native wildlife.

Maz Arnot

Membership, Training, Marketing and Finance Coordinator

Maz runs the CEP office providing the support for all our administration and compliance needs and keeping the service to members and partners top notch. It’s usually Maz you’ll talk to if you give us a call. She also happens to be the one that knows most about what’s going on around the place, so is always worth chatting with. Outside the office, Maz relaxes over in the Wairarapa transforming balls of natural wool into beautiful shawls, scarves and blankets.