Defence Estate and Infrastructure



Defence Estate and Infrastructure


Carbon Management, Sustainability Strategy

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Russell Baillie


[email protected]


04 498 5595


34 Bowen Street, Defence House, Wellington


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Being able to bring the fight in an increasingly complex and challenging world, our Defence Force works to a well thought out plan.
The vision driving our 2025 Strategy is all about being a more “Integrated Defence Force” – being better connected, coordinated and agile as a military organisation.

Critically, it translates the high-level and longer-term Defence Force strategy into an implementation plan for estate and infrastructure.
It provides a clear set of priorities able to be cascaded through the leadership team down the organisation. It signals:

  • A First Principles Review of the Defence Estate Footprint to provide a long term view of the future Estate;
  • A transition from reactive asset recapitalisation to investment in a substantial tranche of functional regeneration and asset support to new capabilities;
  • Better facilitating organisational development; and
  • Inclusion of a sustainability framework to guide future investment in infrastructure and management of the Defence Estate.

The Defence Estate Strategy and its implementation plan will be continually reviewed and updated as part of the Defence planning cycle. We all have an interest in the development, and sustainable management of the Estate.

Defence is committed to implementing this Defence Estate Strategy. Together we are a Force for New Zealand.