Industrial audit standards

A systematic approach to improve professional performance

The opportunities to improve energy use in the industrial sector are significant but also challenging. Industrial systems are complex and require a systematic approach to improve their performance.

CEP (EMANZ) works with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and our members to establish technical standards and guidelines for getting the best performance out of industrial processes.

The technical standards provided here form the basis of many of Energy Master accreditation.

These technical standards are designed to be referenced and used by:

  • Energy auditing professionals,
  • Customers of audits as a basis for specification of services, and
  • Technically proficient professionals working for industrial organisations.

Please note: All of the Audit Standards below have been updated in June 2015 to account for changes to AS/NZS 3598: 2000 that was updated in 2014 to become AS/NZS 3598.1: 2014 (Commercial Buildings) and AS/NZS 3598.2: 2014 (Industrial and related activities). AS/NZS 3598.3: 2014 (Transport and related activities) was also updated in 2014.

Audit Standards

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