CEP is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of energy management and carbon reduction practices are available to New Zealand business and institutions. Unit C is the process for Carbon and Energy Professional (CEPRo) Certification and is the final stage of CEP Carbon and Energy Manager Professional Training programme.

It is voluntary and provided as a means for professionals to demonstrate to the world they have achieved the level of competence expected of a professional energy manager capable of transforming an organisations energy performance.

CEP Pathway for Training and Certification Table pdf

Participation in the first two Units of the training is ordinarily compulsory in order to participate in Unit C. On the rare occasion an individual can provide sufficient evidence of prior learning to the Standards set by this certification process, an individual can submit their own material in pursuit of Carbon and Energy Professional Certification.

Academic Requirements

While there are no pre requisites in terms of qualifications for this certification, it is normal for participants to have secured a university qualification to NZQA level 5 or above. This is a guide only and ensures any potential attendee has sufficient record of ability to retain information to the level required. Potential applicants without this level of prior achievement are still welcome to apply and will be assessed for suitability on an equitable basis.

Individuals will complete the course (Unit B) and develop a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in their organisation’s Carbon and Energy Management programme. Following this, attendees have 12 weeks to complete Unit C by:

  • (i) preparing and presenting to their organisation a report on the state of its carbon and energy management programme and recommended action/investment plan and
  • (ii) providing to CEP a copy of this report and feedback on its acceptance within the organisation it is for. This documentation and associated communications will provide the basis for assessment for the Carbon and Energy Professional Certification.

Presentation of aspects of the developed programme such as a business case may be required to be presented to the assessor group either face to face or via online. There is no examination.

Benefits of Certification

For an organisation, having an Certified Carbon and Energy Professional on the staff can assist in demonstrating their commitment to improving their carbon and energy performance to their stakeholders.

For an individual, the value associated with having proven competence is fairly well understood. Over time, CEP expects that the value of the Carbon and Energy Professional Certification brand will become increasingly sought after by employers.

It is also worth noting that the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has signaled its intent to require the involvement of a Carbon and Energy Professional for any organisation wanting to participate in its Carbon and Energy Management Plan programme. Please click this link for information about the next Carbon and Energy Professional Training Programme delivery.