Pioneer Energy is a company on the move. Our business is energy but our point of difference is the way we do business, the diversity of our products and energy options, partnerships and investment.

Our core business is based on long-term energy partnerships.

Under these arrangements we can:

  • Identify optimum technical solutions
  • Demonstrate economics
  • Establish commercial agreements
  • Build new plant solutions
  • Provide capital funding if required
  • Operate and manage facilities
  • Supply fuel
  • Optimise operation
  • Implement on-going improvement projects
  • Provide customer support services and manage associated risk

One of our specialties is the conversion of wood and other biomass residues to energy, and the associated fuel supply chain.

Pioneer Energy’s partnership model is unique in New Zealand and many of the partnerships have been recognised and awarded for their innovation and positive environmental outcomes.

We pride ourselves on our innovative, environmental best practice, and customer-focused solutions.

Core skills and project activities

Build, own and operate partnerships covering:

  • Delivered heat supply
  • Cogeneration
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Sustainability and environmental upgrades
  • Wood fuel supply and boiler solutions
  • Packaged plant operating leases
  • Electricity market services
  • Energy supply solutions