Erin specialises in food processing, industrial sites and institutions.

Building on his background working on energy policy and MW-scale renewable energy projects, Erin has focused his last 15+ years within the industrial energy management sector. In that time, he has acquired considerable experience in helping large energy users achieve significant energy and cost savings.

In addition to comprehensive site-wide energy management analysis, Erin specialises in a range of industrial energy-intensive subsystems, and has recently completed investment-grade process heat, refrigeration, and compressed air audits at a number of food processing (and other industrial) plants. Erin has been Managing Director of EMSOL (Energy Management Solutions Limited) since 2002, which received an Energy Wise Award for Business Excellence in 2016.

His approach is to understand his client’s needs and work closely with site managers, engineers, production staff and contractors in order to maximise practical energy saving projects (often yielding additional productivity benefits).

Erin bases his recommendations on measurement and analysis of key energy and engineering parameters. He also works with clients’ preferred suppliers and service contractors to ensure energy saving solutions integrate with existing systems, projects or planned changes.

Erin is a qualified professional Natural Resources Engineer and has a number of post-graduate papers in energy analysis and monitoring.