We are a leading NZ Energy Utilities and Carbon Management Consultancy. We have developed systems and processes to help you optimise savings with control and confidence.

What we do

Our software, which is Enterprise ready, Bureau Services helps you manage your energy data and consulting services which include energy budgets, procurement support, analysis and special projects.

Why us?

  • Our solutions are comprehensive and unique, yet adaptable enough to fit in with YOUR organisational requirements.
  • Unlike traditional consultants and energy auditors, we provide a wider approach encompassing both technical and management initiatives.
  • We can help you save time and energy to improve your bottom-line results.


Bills Verification & Processing, Auditing, Benchmarking, Monitoring & Targeting with Executive and Management Reporting, Quality Greenhouse Gas Information Management and Reporting, Energy Procurement and Tariff Optimisation, Expert Training & Support with Independent Advice & Consulting Services.

EnergyPro also offer a software solution – Energy Utilities Management & Information System (EUMIS) Software :  EnergyPro® – Virtual Energy Manager.