Edgar specialises in HVAC, thermodynamics, hydraulics and clean energy.

Edgar is an engineering advisor for energy efficiency.

Providing the right solution to secure long-term business success for all economic sectors.

• Helping to invest with lucrative long term returns.
• Enabling to compete in a low carbon market.
• Preventing cost hikes due to energy use and carbon emissions

With the specialty on:
HVAC, thermal and hydraulic processes, clean energy.

He offers:
• Energy audit and feasibility study for a single process or across the whole supply chain.
• Advice on the implementation of identified improvements.
• Monitoring the success of improvements.

Edgar’s background is a German master’s degree in process engineering and a bachelor’s degree in physics.

He has 35 years of experience in energy consultancy and building service design.

As a member of Engineering New Zealand and Carbon and Energy Professionals New Zealand, he is committed to devoting his knowledge and expertise towards a sustainable future.