E2 Solutions is an energy efficiency consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand. We specialize in providing customized Sub-Metering, Monitoring & Targeting, Continuous Commissioning and Building Optimization solutions.

With experience spanning the last 10 years in the energy efficiency industry, we know how to maximize energy savings for each building. Our team provides hands on project management to ensure savings opportunities that we identify through your data are materialized.

Specialized sub-metering solutions are customized for each building and portfolio, allowing us insight into how a building is truly running via consumption, cost, and demand data. This provides us the starting point to define a pathway to a more efficient business and building.

Our cloud-based data warehouse and front-end applications have been designed to allow us to monitor and analyze your energy and environment via wired and wireless IoT.

  •  Fully customizable product solutions to suit your business, building or portfolio
  •  Hands on project management to ensure results are achieved and savings maximized
  •  Sub-metering solutions for large grade multi-site and single site projects
  •  Live data dashboards, giving you access to your real time energy use and costs
  • Electricity, gas and water metering options available to suit all sites
  • Permanent and temporary sub-metering solutions available to suit all applications

Let us help get your building operating more efficiently and save you energy, leaving you to concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business.