Carl has worked in the energy management sector since 2014 when he took on a role as a projects engineer for EMSOL (Energy Management Solutions Limited), one of New Zealand’s leading energy management specialists.

Carl has worked closely with EMSOL’s clients, carrying out monitoring, targeting and reporting, and meeting regularly to discuss progress and identify further energy saving opportunities on site. This approach has generated ‘buy -in’ from management and engineering staff and led to energy and cost savings beyond the expectations of clients.

Carl has worked extensively in the food processing sector and has expertise in many common industrial technologies including refrigeration systems, boilers and process heat systems, compressed air systems and fans and pumps. He has also carried out type 3 in-depth process heat audits and a Type 3 refrigeration audit.

Carl has a BE(Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Auckland. He has also completed a Massey University run Cost Effective Refrigeration course as well as a workshop on Auditing to the New Energy Audit Standard 3598/2014.