CEP is revealing some big names for its annual conference in June, lead by Benoit Lebot, formerly Executive Director of the IPEEC (International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation) and now with the French Ministry of the Environment.

“Having Benoit join us is a huge coup for us,” said CEP CEO Mike Hopkins, “he has been a massive advocate for global cooperation on energy efficiency for years”. The IPEEC was set up in 2009 by the G8 to encourage international cooperation on energy efficiency. It went on to attract 17 of the G20 into its fold before handing over its work to the IEA at the end of 2019. “NZ was never a member of the IPEEC and so we have much to learn from Benoit’s experience and insight”, continued Hopkins.

Lebot leads a strong conference line-up for CEP. The three half days will focus on distinct areas. Day 1 (9th June) focuses on industry opportunities in a post COVID environment, Day 2 (10th June), on sustainable solutions and Day 3 (11th June) on innovations. “Benoit leads our session on opportunities, discussing opportunities in international collaboration”, said Hopkins. “We’ll also hear about opportunities in the Pacific Islands (from Deta Consulting and MFAT), opportunities opened up by NZ Green Investment Finance (Craig Weise) and Trans Tasman opportunities that will be essential business builders as our COVID induced bubbles slowly grow.”

Day 2 is focused on Sustainable Solutions and includes speakers from some of New Zealand’s leading lights in sustainability, including Fonterra, Watercare and Toitu Envirocare.

Day 3 rounds off the conference with a forward looking set of sessions on Innovations. The latest in solar energy, energy storage, vehicle to grid charging and carbon capture are all on the agenda.

The value is unquestionable. Access to the three, half-day conference sessions is only $400 (+GST) for non-members with additional discounts for CEP members, employees of CEP Corporate Partners and members of The Sustainability Society and Young Energy Professionals Network. Registrations for individual half day sessions are available at $150 (+GST) each. Registrations include the flexibility to review sessions after the conference for those unable to attend all presentations on the day.

“You will need to register early to enjoy the discounts”, concluded Hopkins. “While we can accept registrations right up to the start of each session, because of the validation checks we need to run, we have to close off the discounts a week ahead. So, my advice is to get those registrations in early.”

Dr Mike Hopkins (CEO)

14 May 2020

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