Energy Auditing Books (covering all types of audits)

Handbook of energy audits 7th Edition by Albert Thuman ( 2008)

Energy Audit of Building Systems: An Engineering Approach (Mechanical Engineering Series) by Moncef Krarti (2000)

Investment grade energy audit by Shirley J. Hansen (2008)

Handbook of Lighting Surveys and Audits by John L. Fetters (1998)

The Residential Energy Audit Manual by Dale Schueman (1991)

Energy Audits and Surveys (CIBSE Applications Manuals) by Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (1991)

Handbook on Energy Audit and Environment Management by Y.P. Abbi and Shashank Jain (2009)

Procedures For Commercial Building Energy Audits by John Cowan, Richard Pearson, and Ish Sud (2004)