CEP Webinar Recordings

To keep the industry informed and up to date in this rapidly evolving environment, we’re putting on a series stimulating and thought provoking webinars that will help the industry stay on top of emerging opportunities.

Webinar 1 Customer and Embedded Networks – what you need to know recordinPresented by Nick Oldham (Smart Power)

Nick  discusses the differences between customer and embedded networks, the rules and regulations around each, the implications for business owners and landlords and what advisers need to know and consider when advising clients.

Webinar 2Energy efficiency and transitioning commercial buildings through COVID-19 alert levels recording  Presented by Jeremy Allen (ESP)

Jeremy Allen of ESP looks at how energy professionals, facilities managers and landlords can maintain energy efficiency as they transition between COVID-19 Alert Levels and varying occupancy levels. Jeremy will be sharing the lessons learnt from monitoring over 600 sites across New Zealand.

Webinar 3Low Carbon Process Heat Replacements in Commercial Building Applications Recording    Presented by Ben Thomson & Alex Gessese  (Lumen)

Ben Thomson and Alex Gessese of Lumen will consider the relative merits of currently available process heating systems in commercial buildings, how to assess improvements and viable replacements and take a look at potential sources of replacement funding.

Webinar 4 – Compressed Air Systems: Improving the Energy Hogs of Industry Recording   Presented by Jack Young (Energy NZ)

Jack Young of Energy NZ looks at taming the energy hogs that are compressed air systems. What can we really and realistically do to improve them?

Webinar 5 – IoT: What Does It Mean for Energy Management? Recording    Presented by Mike Ette, Tania Coelho and Richard Gardiner (Total Utilities Management Group)

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a term that has been used extensively in recent years to cover an array of technologies and applications. Mike Ette, Tania Coelho and Richard Gardiner of Total Utilities Management Group take a close look at exactly what IoT means for energy management and particularly the opportunities it presents to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Webinar 6 – Decarbonising Industrial Processes Recording  Presented by Tony Arnott (DETA Consulting)

Tony Arnott of Deta Consulting will be looking at decarbonising industrial processes, essential if we are to achieve lower emissions and carbon neutrality targets.

Webinar 7 – Power Quality and Harmonics Recording   Presented by Gordan Luetich (LPINZ)

Gordan Luetich of LPINZ will work through the importance of power quality and the ways and means of maintaining quality through power factor correction voltage stability and loss reduction.

Webinar 8Reducing Emissions in the Building and Construction Sector Recording  Presented by Kate Symons & Victoria Threadwell (MBIE)

Join MBIE to learn about the Building for Climate Change programme, what it means for energy efficiency and how you can have your say in its design.

Webinar 9Carbon Accounting for Public Lighting in the Digital Age Recording  Presented by Bryan King and Godfrey Bridger (Strategic Lighting Partners Ltd)

Bryan King and Godfrey Bridger (Strategic Lighting Partners Ltd) look at understanding the carbon emissions of public lighting and the impact of LEDs and control systems on carbon emissions.

Webinar 10 – Energy Certificates – How they work and how they help reduce reported emissions Recording  Presented by Tim Middlehurst (New Zealand Energy Certificate Scheme (NZECS))

Join Tim Middlehurst, CEO of Certified Energy which manages the New Zealand Energy Certificate Scheme (NZECS), to hear about how the NZ scheme works, why similar schemes have become widespread overseas and how the scheme can be used to reduce reported emissions for you or your clients.

Webinar 11 – Insights into Energy Performance Contracting Recording  Presented by Tarik Tez (Sydney), Brian Wade-French (Sydney) and Kok Chong Leow

Join Tarik Tez (Sydney), Brian Wade-French (Sydney) and Kok Chong Leow (Singapore) of Siemens to hear about the ins and outs of energy performance contracting and Energy as a Service agreements.

Webinar 12Quantifying the co-benefits of sustainability and efficiency recording  Presented by Geoff Bennett (CarbonEMS) and Kath Dewar (GoodSense)

Often cited as significant but rarely quantified or promoted, the co-benefits of sustainability are often easy to see but not often evaluated. Geoff Bennett of CarbonEMS and Kath Dewar of GoodSense look at quantifying and valuing co-benefits and why they should be part of assessing sustainability initiatives.

Webinar 13Unlocking Your Facility’s Carbon Savings Potential recording  Presented by Rob Bishop (Energy Solutions Ltd)

This webinar looks at carbon and energy savings across built environments. It covers potential savings, how to identify savings and how to capitalise on efficiency improvements to save carbon, energy and money. A must view for facilities and property managers, this webinar will outline areas of potential savings and how to unlock them.

Webinar 14Reducing Emissions with Renewable Gas recording  Presented by Eleanor Grant (Beca), Ben Gerritson (Firstgas) and Tony Oosten (Fonterra)

This webinar presented a deep-dive, sister session to the 22nd July Bioenergy Association webinar “Unlocking New Zealand’s renewable gas potential” which focused on how renewable gas can help reduce company and national emissions.

Webinar 15Design for the Safety of People and the Climate recording  Presented by Dan Jolly (Beca) and Anna Galvin (Galvin Consulting)

This webinar brings together safety and transition engineering, both critical aspects of good design for our sustainable future.

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Dates & Location

Venue: Online

Dates: Various Dates

Times: 4:00 - 5:00pm

Attendee Feedback

I have attended the first two webinars that CEP have hosted to date, along with a few from other engineers and consultants, in this period of lockdown.  I find the CEP webinars different from the others in the way that they are more practical and informative. They actually give the listener some answers and allow us to achieve practical results. Other webinars are more discussions on a subject that leave the listener with information but an inability to make even simple changes. James McPhie (Analyst) Nelson City Council