CEP Training Courses

CEP offers a range of training courses and continually updates its training course and materials to match current industry best practice, and also develops bespoke training to meet industry needs.

CEP is uniquely positioned to highlight opportunities for improved energy productivity and reduced waste of energy.  CEP provides support to its members to ensure that the skills and services provided in tackling these opportunities is carried out to the highest standards.

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Advanced Industrial Energy Systems Optimisation Training

This one day training course is designed to refine the knowledge and skills of experienced technicians and practitioners around optimising the energy efficiency of industrial systems. It also acts as a lead in to the Energy Master accreditation in Industrial Energy Systems Optimisation (IESO) and is recommended for anyone wishing to pursue that accreditation.

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Business Case Workshop

This one day workshop focuses on understanding how to present the financial benefits of a project and is designed to help you get projects “over the line”.  Equally applicable to consultants and in-house energy managers, it covers the basics of putting together a compelling case to secure finance for projects and achieving that all too elusive green light for your proposal.

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Carbon Auditor (Auditing GHG Inventories)

Learn how to undertake Greenhouse Gas (GHG) audits efficiently and effectively and prepare audit reports and opinions.

This 2-day course covers the requirements of ISO14064 Part 3:2019 for auditing organisational inventories, and prepares participants to perform the complete audit process.

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Carbon and Energy Professional Training Programme

CEP will be announcing a new Certification soon – please watch this space …

Carbon and Energy Professional is a new programme to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to develop and lead significant energy management programmes. Developed in consultation with business and energy specialists and key Government agencies, the course utilises real energy use and carbon emissions data from the participant’s organisation meaning that the successful completion of the course provides immediate and tangible business benefits.

Commercial Building Energy Specialist – HVAC & Controls

This 3-day HVAC & Controls course provides training in optimal energy performance for engineers and technicians involved in the design, construction and maintenance of commercial buildings.

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Commercial Building Energy Specialist – Lighting

This 2-day Lighting course provides training in optimal energy performance for engineers and technicians involved in the design, construction and maintenance of commercial buildings.

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Commercial Skills Development

This course is designed to help win, satisfy and retain clients and increase rates of proposal acceptance. It is targeted at developing relationship building skills and understanding how to create value for clients.  This programme runs in two blocks. The first is a two-day workshop to cover the core content of the course and establish peer development partnerships with other participants.

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Continuous Commissioning Specialist

This three day training course and exam is designed for those involved in the commissioning of commercial buildings as HVAC engineers, installation, maintenance and service technicians, BMS and Controls specialists and technicians, and energy auditors and consultants.

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Energy Auditor

This course delivers the fundamentals around understanding and undertaking energy audits to the AS/NZS 3598/2014 Standard.  Covering all parts of the Standard, (Part 1 – Commercial Buildings, Part 2 – Industrial and Related Activities and Part 3 – Transport Related Activities) and each of the audit levels, this course provides an excellent grounding in energy efficiency and how to improve it.

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Energy Management for Facilities Managers

This two day course in energy management is designed for Facilities Managers responsible for commercial and large building facilities and related fields. It also provides really useful knowledge for Property Managers, Building Managers, Maintenance Managers, Operational Managers and Asset Managers.

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Identifying Carbon Reduction Opportunities

Uncover opportunities for GHG emissions reductions from your carbon inventory.  This course is aimed at Carbon and Sustainability Professionals who want to uncover organisational opportunities for GHG emission reductions and learn how to develop an emission management and reduction plan.

Please Note: Participants are required to have sound knowledge of carbon inventories to ISO14064, Part 1:2018. If you do not, we recommend completing the Preparing a Carbon Inventory Training Course beforehand.

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Measurement and Verification Training (optional CMVP Exam)

In association with EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organisation) and AEE (Association of Energy Engineers), CEP is the sole New Zealand agent delivering the Measurement and Verification Training Course and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional Exam.

Designed for Commercial and Industrial HVAC, Lighting and Energy Management professionals, the training course and certification will help provide quality outcomes in measuring and verifying energy use and savings.

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Measurement and Verification (Advanced) Workshop

Presented in partnership with the Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO), the two day Applied Measurement & Verification workshop gives measurement and verification (M&V) practitioners deeper exposure to the concepts, theory, mathematical analysis and tools to perform effective M&V.

The workshop is practical and hands-on, using spreadsheets and software to calculate savings on both sample and real life projects.

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Optimising Process Heat Systems Training

This two day course delivers the essential knowledge needed by plant operators, maintenance managers, contractor-based engineers and designers and graduate energy engineers to keep the processes they manage running smoothly, effectively and efficiently.  The course will benefit them and, through them, their employers who will enjoy reduced costs and more efficient operations. It is geared towards cost savings in larger organisations operating industrial processes, especially those with significant energy consumption.

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Preparing a Carbon Inventory

This course is for anyone who wants to learn or upskill their technical capacity in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory development.  It will give you an overview of ISO 14064-1:2018, an international standard that specifies principles and requirements at the organisation level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals.

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Dates & Location

Venue: Various

Dates: 2021

Times: Usually 9.00am to 5.00pm

Attendee Feedback

  • Carbon and Energy Professional Training Programme
  • I have enjoyed every second of the Energy and Carbon Manager course especially its focus on Carbon Emissions and the action plans every one of us should take to save our planet. The trainers were exceptionally engaging, and I have learned a great deal from them. Alelign (Alex) Gessese, Senior Engineer  (Lumen)

  • Business Case Workshop
  • The subject well developed with the use of basic financial calculations, and the soft skills required to develop and present a successful business case. The subject material was well presented in collaborative manner - drawing on the collective knowledge of all the participants, which lead to good learning experience. Wayne Gosnell, Plant Manager/Engineer (Villa Maria Estate)

  • Industrial Energy Systems Optimisation Training
  • A course offering good coverage of many technologies and methodologies essential for anyone wishing to improve their process efficiency and reduce energy costs. A great primer for more detailed study. Mark Davis, Energy Manager (Counties Manukau DHB)

  • Energy Management for Facilities Managers Training
  • The training venue at Christchurch Airport was good and the opportunity to look at part of HVAC installed systems was valuable. Course covers a wide range of technical areas but well adapted to differing backgrounds. Alastair Fordyce, Director (ISBO Ltd)