CEP & Gen Less EECA Webinar Recordings

Carbon and Energy Professionals has teamed up with The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and its Gen Less programme to deliver a series of free webinars that will help businesses save money, become more productive and reduce their emissions.

 The webinars will focus on how to save energy and reduce emissions not only improving efficiency but also positioning businesses to compete better in the future low carbon world.

Webinar 1Using Less, Paying Less Webinar Recording    Presented by Ben Thomson and Paul Farrelly (Lumen)

In simple terms, businesses can reduce their energy costs through either “Using Less”, or “Paying Less”. This webinar seeks to educate businesses of all sizes on how they can most effectively and rapidly reduce their energy costs in an environment where cashflow is even more critical than normal.

Webinar 2Energy Procurement, How to Save Money and Carbon Recording  Presented by Shaun Hayward (Smart Power)

For most organisations, energy costs are a significant proportion of their cost structure and a major source of their emissions. This webinar  looks at ways of cutting energy bills and being smart about energy procurement to help address emissions.

Webinar 3 – Are on-site renewables right for you? Recording  Presented by Yariv Edery (YEH Renewable Energy Consultants )

Yariv addresses the question – Should companies consider on-site renewables? Yariv will look at the key points organisations need to consider such as the types of renewables available, how they might satisfy different demand loads, storage options to match demand with availability and how much capacity to build?

Webinar 4 – Sustainable Heating and Hot Water Systems Recording  Presented by Marcus Baker (Apricus)

This free webinar will explore the context for these critical building services and provide a broad overview of heat pump, wood pellet and solar thermal systems for all buildings.

Webinar 5 – Industrial Heat Pumps, Silver Bullet or Hype? Recording   Presented by Jack Young (Energy NZ)

There is a lot of interest in the use and application of industrial heat pumps to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. In this webinar, Jack Young of Energy NZ looks at the benefits and limitations of employing industrial heat pumps, explores where they deliver superior outcomes and advises on what to consider if you are thinking of installing them. This webinar was originally scheduled for 5 May 2020 but was postponed because of technical issues.

Webinar 6 – EV Charger Installation: What You Need to Know Recording   Presented by Gordan Luetich (LPI New Zealand)

Learn about the technicalities of installing an EV charger from LPINZ who will be covering hardware options, individual or master/slave structuring, load management and the implications for power quality and power factor.

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Dates & Location

Venue: Online

Dates: Tuesdays

Times: 4:00 - 5:00pm

Attendee Feedback

I have attended the first two webinars that CEP have hosted to date, along with a few from other engineers and consultants, in this period of lockdown.  I find the CEP webinars different from the others in the way that they are more practical and informative. They actually give the listener some answers and allow us to achieve practical results. Other webinars are more discussions on a subject that leave the listener with information but an inability to make even simple changes. James McPhie (Analyst) Nelson City Council
Webinar 1 - Using Less. Paying Less "Thanks very much for the informative webinar"  "....great presentations . Appreciate the experience"
Webinar 5 - Industrial Heat Pumps, Silver Bullet or Hype? "Thank you for the presentation, Jack. Found it very informative"