Carbon and Energy Professionals announced today its annual conference will be going ahead in June – in digital form.

“While COVID has forced enormous restrictions on all of us, we aren’t prepared to let the pandemic halt the imperative that is tackling climate change”, said CEO Mike Hopkins.

“We’re adapting to the new normal”, said Hopkins. “We’ve shifted our training programmes online and extending this to the conference is the obvious next step. The delegates at our conference leave much better placed to drive lower emissions in their organisations and we aren’t prepared to lose a year in supporting NZ achieve lower emissions”.

“Hats off to EECA as well on this”, continued Hopkins, “They have been hugely supportive of this move and we’re working closely with the Gen Less team to make sure the lessons we learn from the experience are captured and can be used to help lower emissions at events around the country well beyond this conference.”

EECA CEO Andrew Caseley said, “The last few weeks have driven innovative ways of working, and we’re pleased to support CEP as they deliver what could become the future of conferences. Lower emissions and less time and money spent travelling will make the conference more accessible and more sustainable.”

“We’re really quite excited about the digital delivery”, said Hopkins. “We’re currently contacting all our speakers and supporters that were scheduled to take part in the physical event and will be announcing more specifics on the line up soon. So far, everyone has been fully behind the move and, as usual, we’re looking forward to a great conference.”

The digital conference will be held on the mornings of 9th, 10th and 11th June, running from 9.30-12.30 on each day. Registrations will be open soon.

Dr Mike Hopkins (CEO)

30 April 2020

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