Membership of CEP is open to anyone interested in energy management, the efficient use of energy and the reduction of energy and carbon emissions.


Membership of CEP is available to anyone interested in energy management and carbon reduction.


Partnership opportunities of CEP are available to the companies or organisations who are interested in energy and carbon industry.


Access to Networks - People and Information

CEP is a collegial organisation whose members share their knowledge through technical sessions, and other events designed to create a culture of "cooperation" with the overarching objective of growing our sector. Joining CEP gives you the opportunity to access the people and the information needed to understand the market, form the relationships and tap into the knowledge and information you need to succeed in the energy and carbon reduction sectors.

Opportunities to Influence

CEP maintains a regular dialogue with Government on a number of levels, and it maintains strong channels of communication with its members to ensure they are being represented on the issues as they see them. Joining the Association allows you to have a say in how CEP works with Government to achieve its goals.

Training, Accreditation & Personal Development

At CEP we run a number of events to ensure our members gain access to up-to-date knowledge and information. We offer discounts to members for these events and for our training courses. CEP oversees standards of competence in a range of energy management areas, to enable members to achieve industry recognition for their skills and knowledge.

Positive Brand Focal Point

Through its EnergyMasters accreditation, CEP gives confidence to purchasers of energy management services and employers of energy management professionals. Membership of the Association brings associated credibility and reputational benefits as we operate under a Code of Ethics and provide dispute resolution services should any of our members need them.