The CEP Annual Conference is New Zealand’s leading gathering for practitioners in the fields of energy efficiency, decarbonisation and sustainability. 

The 2022 CEP Conference, Accelerating Decarbonisation – Giving it some jandal, will be held on 1st and 2nd of June in Rotorua. 

We are inviting the submission of papers that focus on the practical aspects of how to decarbonise New Zealand. At this stage, we are inviting abstracts (not full papers) for consideration by our conference committee. 

We welcome abstracts that will educate and inform delegates on any areas of efficiency, decarbonisation and sustainability and the list below is not exhaustive. Nevertheless, the conference committee has indicated it would especially welcome submissions on the following topics:

  • Behavioural change, especially in transport
  • Bioenergy, especially transport fuels
  • Building design practices
  • Carbon markets/emissions pricing
  • Carbon measurement and verification
  • Continuous improvement
  • Forestry – where, when and what to plant
  • Grid scale storage solution
  • Innovations in energy efficiency
  • Innovations in sustainability
  • Innovations in wastewater management
  • Scientific thinking in decarbonisation
  • Self-sufficient agriculture
  • The circular economy
  • The NZ battery project
  • Urban design
  • Wastewater and bio-solids
  • Workforce sustainability

Submissions will be reviewed by the conference committee towards the end of January, so please submit your abstract here by Friday,  21st January 2022 

Presentations at Conference are strictly educational and not used for product or service promotion. Promotional opportunities are available through sponsorship and an associated exhibition – find out more.

If you have any questions please contact the CEP office.